Since 1982 Microlab Elettronica Sas has been on the market aiming at developing electro-medical devices for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Microlab has established itself in the field of cardiovascular diagnostics and for the devices of the Pico® line; in recent years, it has been specializing in designing and producing electro-medical devices on behalf of third companies, which are offered a credibility analysis service and the designing and production of active medical devices; what is more, the company commits for them to respect the non-compete agreement and confidence agreement towards the Buyer.

The recognition of the certifications ISO 13485 and the collaboration with important scientific societies and universities, make Microlab Elettronica a serious partner, reliable and always inclined to innovation.


Microlab’s main goal is to establish a partnership with the client companies; this relationship should aim at the designing and production of electro-medical devices.
In particular, we address companies of the medical sector that do not own enough internal resources or the competences needed to face the development and production – also in small-series – of electro-medical devices, contributing to limit the preliminary costs necessary for the credibility study and the rough draft of a project of the electro-medical device.

We firmly believe that each product developed in synergy with the Clients is, first of all, an investment; we guarantee strict confidence to our clients and we commit ourselves in respecting the non-compete agreement. As a matter of fact, we believe that only thanks to a relationship based on reciprocal confidence and transparency, important and satisfying results can be obtained: for this reason, we involve our partners in each phase of the designing project and production, aiming at the production of innovative and functional products.