A successful example is the collaboration with CIZETA MEDICALI S.p.A. , an historical company which has been on the market since 1872 and has established itself worldwide in the production of products for venous insufficiency therapy and for problems linked to lymphopathies.

In 2012 CIZETA MEDICALI had the idea of producing a device that would help physiotherapists to make the results of  lymphatic drainage therapy more repeatable and objective; as a matter of fact, those results have been obtained only by manual massage practice so far; that practice, by its nature, depends strongly on the sensitivity of the single physiotherapist. Up to now, parameters such as the operating pressure, the energy employed during the therapy, and the ideal speed to facilitate the migration of liquids and proteins, were measured with difficulty using complex and expensive equipment that was only available in research laboratories.

Thanks to LINFOROLL these parameters can now be assessed by any physiotherapist who wants to be equipped with this device. Starting from CIZETA MEDICALI’s idea, Microlab Elettronica has developed and engineered all the mechanical and electronic components as well as the multilingual software necessary to turn this idea into reality, thus creating LINFOROLL, a device which can be commercialized worldwide starting from January 2014. In this project, Microlab brought to completion the whole process of prototyping, engineering, getting the CE certification as Medical Device, and its production in small-series, in fairly short time.

Due to CIZETA MEDICALI S.p.A. declared satisfaction for the results obtained and for the controlled costs of the whole development and production process, we are allowed to assert that we will be chosen again by CIZETA MEDICALI as their partners to develop new future tools.


Multilingual software LINFOROLL CLIENT