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PicoFlow®, the wearable air plethysmograph







PicoFlow®  is an air plethysmograph used for the quantitative evaluation of venous insufficiency in the lower limbs. Air plethysmography is a non-invasive test that is used to quantitatively evaluate various aspects of venous hemodynamics:

- Valve reflux.

- Venous obstruction.

- Calf muscle pump functionality.

PicoFlow© is used to assess chronic venous disease states, to evaluate improvement after vein surgery, as an aid to the diagnosis of acute episodes and previous deep vein thrombosis, to evaluate compression stocking therapy, to study the physiological implications of wearing high-heeled shoes in healthy individuals, and to evaluate the likelihood of ulcer recovery.

In the clinical practice of venous insufficiency in the lower limbs, PicoFlow© is essential for evaluating:

- The amount of reflux that may be present.

- The obstacle to venous return, i.e., the difficulty that blood has in returning to the heart.

- The efficiency of the venous pump.

These three parameters allow the treating Physician to obtain a clear clinical picture and to opt for the most suitable therapy.

PicoFlow© is worn by the patient during the examination. This complete portability allows the Patient to walk freely during functional tests for the evaluation of the efficiency of the venous pump. The information collected during these tests is transmitted via Bluetooth© to a receiving PC, in which the Microlab PicoFlow©Software (provided with the Microlab PicoFlow© device) is installed. For an overview of the Picoflow© Software:

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Video 2 - Post Processing

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